It's not you, It's your router.

Life's too short for bad WiFi.



eero replaces your router and blankets
your whole home in fast, reliable WiFi..

You need a system that works.


 Dead spots, buffering, endless reboots? These are all symptoms of traditional routers and range extenders, and why it can be so tough to work, play, stream, or scroll in every room of your home. 

Designed for any home


 eero uses multiple access points and TrueMesh technology to cover every nook and cranny of your home in powerful and reliable WiFi. It also works with your existing modem and any internet provider to deliver a consistently strong signal everywhere you need it. 

Optimizes to your home


 As soon as you set up your system, eero TrueMesh™ software begins learning from — and optimizing for — your space, devices, and network usage. So your WiFi is not only fast and resilient, but intelligently adapts to your home, too. 

Control in the palm of your hand.


 Your network stats aren’t hidden in a black box. See your network speed, find out which devices are connected, and make sure each eero is working properly (but trust us, it would be weird if they weren’t). 

Security for your WiFi


 Normal routers require you to proactively check for and install security patches, but let’s be honest, most of us never do that. eeros protect and secure the traffic flowing over your network through advanced encryption and security protocols.